Presentation Schedules

Presentation Schedules

Order of Oral Presentations: Track 3, 4. 10:00am ~ 12:00noon at Grand Ballroom
Chair-persons: Dr. Mun-Taek Choi (Sungkyunkwan University), Dr. Hyunggun Kim (Sungkyunkwan University)
Track 3, 4 Order Paper Title Author(s) Oraganization
10:00am 1 Analysis of EEG Signals for Cognitive Function Game Contents: Attention, Memory Sung-Taek Chung
Sungwook Shin
junghyun park
Sungho kang
woojin lee
Korea Polytechnic University
Korea Polytechnic University
Korea Polytechnic University
Korea Polytechnic University
Korea Polytechnic University
10:20am 2 Simultaneous Clustering and Classification of Function Recovery Patterns of Ischemic Stroke Hyungtai Kim
Minhee Lee
Mun-Taek Choi
Yun-Hee Kim
Sungkyunkwan University
Sungkyunkwan University
Sungkyunkwan University
Samsung Medical Center
10:40am 3 Real-time and real-life scenario-based fall detection model usingmachine learning algorithm Tae Hyong Kim
Hyun Mu Heo
Ahnryul Choi
Joung Hwan Mun
SungKyunKwan University
SungKyunKwan University
Catholic Kwandong University
Sungkyunkwan University
11:00am 4 Predicting center of gravity displacement during walking using a single inertial sensor and deep learning technique Ahnryul Choi
Hyunwoo Jung
Hyunggun Kim
Joung Hwan Mun
Catholic Kwandong University
SungKyunKwan University
SungKyunKwan University
SungKyunKwan University
11:20am 5 Three-dimensional Transesophageal echocardiography-based Virtual Modeling and Biomechanical Evaluation of the Mitral Valve Woojae Hong
MyungGu Yeo
Soohwan Jeong
David McPherson
Hyunggun Kim
Sungkyunkwan University
The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston
Sungkyunkwan University
The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston
Sungkyunkwan University

Order of Oral Presentations: Track 1. 13:00am ~ 15:30pm at Grand Ballroom

Chair-persons: Dr. Jun Dong Kim (Duksung Women’s University)

Track 1 Order Paper Title Author(s) Oraganization
1:00pm 1 Does resistance training increase arterial stiffness in young adults? Jae Ho Park Kwangwoon University
1:20pm 2 The effects of weight loss Methods on athletic performance factors and immune functions in elite bodybuilders junsu kim Eulji University
1:40pm 3 Effect of Suspense TRX Exercise on Spinal Stabilization Muscle Function in Adult Men Eun Sang Han Chosun University
2:00pm 4 The Cause of Lifestyle-related are Active Oxygen and Lipid Peroxides Hyun Seo Korea University

Order of Oral Presentations: Track 2 & 5. 13:00am ~ 15:30pm at Grand Ballroom

Chair-persons: Dr. Joon-Hee Lee (Kyung Hee University)

Track 2 & 5 Order Paper Title Author(s) Oraganization
1:00pm 1 Bone mineral density of femur and lumbar and the relation between fat mass and lean mass of adolescents: based on Korea National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (KNHNES) from 2008 to 2011 A-Ram Kim
seyeon Park
Seunghui Beak
Jieun Shin
Seung-Wook Choi
Sungshin Women’s University
Chungnam National University
Sungshin Women’s University
Chungnam National University
Sungshin Women’s University
1:20pm 2 The differences of dance sport player’s psychological skillson different levels of expertise Jiyeon Park
Sibak Sung
Jong Hyeon Lee
Yong-Jin Yoon
Yonsei University
Florida State University
Yonsei University
Yonsei University
1:40pm 3 Treadmill exercise enhances axonal regrowth through upregulating the Akt/mTOR signaling pathway after sciatic nerve injury Tae-Beom Seo
Ji-eun Km
Jeju national university
Jeju national university
2:00pm 4 The Relationship between Golfers’ Extended Theory of Planned Behavior toward Fine Dust, Intention and Exercise Behavior JiHae Lee
Jeoung Hak Lee
Kyung Hee University
Kyung Hee University

Instructions for Oral Presentation
A total of 15 minutes (including Q&A) will be allocated to each Oral Presenter. Oral Presenters are recommended to prepare a 12-minute PowerPoint presentation, followed by a 3-minute Q&A session for your respective Oral session as notified. We encourage you to submit your presentation slides to the Conference Secretariat at least 2 hours before your presentation in your session room during the Conference.

Order of Poster Presentations: Part 1, 9:30am ~ 12:00noon at TOPAZ Hall

Part 1 Paper No. Paper Title Author(s) Organization
001 P00033 Research on the Stress Factors and Fatigue of the Actor in a Performance JUNYOUNG LEE SUNSHIN WOMEN’S UNIVERSITY
002 P00092 Effects of Circuit Exercise Program on Active Oxygen and Antioxidant-related Factors in Obese Middle-aged Women Jang Rok Oh Chosun University
003 P00042 The Mediating Effect of Exercise Commitment in the Relationship Between Self-Management, Exercise Commitment and Exercise Adherence of Participants in Triathlon. Kipyo LEE YONSEI UNIVERSITY
004 P00057 A Methodological Quality Assessment of Meta-Analysis of Health Promotion based on Dance Exercise: Application of AMSTAR Guideline SoEun Lee Gachon University
005 P00068 The Effect of Regular Exercise that Affects Cervical Lordosis of Female College Students in Their 20s Bo Ha Kwon Sungshin Women’s University
006 P00095 Effect of Blood Lactate Concentration in Sports Climbing Athletes on Improving Physical Fitness and Performance Gye Ju Cho Chosun University
007 P00056 The Intellectual Structure of Korean Physical Activity Researches: Application of Keyword Network Analysis SoEun Lee Gachon University
008 P00067 A Literature Review on the Effects of Aqua Exercise on Osteoarthritis Patients soojung Lee Sungshin Women’s University
009 P00121 Frailty and Exercise Behavior is Associated with Neighborhood Environment of Older Adults. HAEUN SON Dong-A university
010 P00085 The comparison between upper, lower body muscular strength and endurance of the university Taekwondo Kyrugi and Poomsae players Si Yeong Hwang Dankook University graduate school
012 P00082 The association of sleep time and habitual physical activity on cognitive frailty in community dwelling older adults Ngeemasara Thapa Dong-A University
014 P00073 The Effect of a 12-Week Aerobic Exercise Program on Body Composition and Cardiovascular Risk Factors of Blinded Elementary School Students So Young Kim Sungshin Woman’s University
015 P00088 Effects of 8 weeks pilates training program on muscle strength and body composition in adolescent baseball players: A pilot case study Jae Ho Park Kwangwoon University / Institute of Sports Medicine & Nutrition
016 P00089 Association between depression, cognitive decline and gait parameters in community-dwelling old adults Gwon-Min Kim Dong-A university
017 P00091 Effects of University Students’ Self-esteem, Depression and Emotional Regulation on School life adjustment yi sub kwak Dong-Eui univ
018 P00041 Exploring the Circulatory Structure of Physical Activity Yoongu Lee Yonsei University
019 P00093 The Effects of Resistance Band Through Coenzyme Q10 Intake on Active Oxygen and Blood Lipids in Adult Women Jang Rok Oh Chosun University
020 P00094 Effects of a Video-based Combined Exercise Program on the Body Composition, Physical Fitness, Exercise Self-Efficacy, and Mental Health of Sedentary Young Adults hye young Kim Kangwon National University
021 P00076 The Effect of an 8-week Isokinetic Exercise Program on the Isokinetic Muscle Function, Bone Density and Balance Ability of a Low Back Pain Patient. HyeYoung Jung Sungshin Woman’s University
022 P00117 Handgrip strength and sleep time is associated with psychological mood in older adults. Minwoo Jang Dong-A University
023 P00099 Effect of Da Vinci Bodyboard Exercise Program on Body Shape Change, a-amylase and Active Oxygen in Middle-aged Women Soo Mi Yoon Chosun University
024 P00100 Effects of Complex Type Correction Program on Shoulder Angle, Trunk Rotation angle and Body Shape Change of Baseball Players Hyun Seo Korea University
025 P00135 The Effect of Warm-up Program based on Stretching on Functional Movement Screen, Isokinetic Strength, Flexibility and Agility in Korean National Fencer Byung Chan LEE Sichuan Agricultural University
026 P00113 The Effects of Elementary School Students’ Peer Relationships in sports club activities on Self-esteem and Participation satisfaction. chaeyun oh Kyung Hee University
027 P00103 Effects of Thera-Band Exercise Program on Blood Free Oxygen Radical and Lifestyle-Related Factors in Middle-aged Obese Women Hyun Seo Korea University
028 P00104 Effects of Participation in Golf Exercise Program on a-amylase and Metabolic Syndrome Related Factors in Middle-aged Women Young Hwan Seo Chosun University
029 P00122 Effect of Abdominal Obesity on the Increase of Blood Flow Velocity in Carotid artery after Combined Exercise in Elderly Jihyun Lee Dong-A University
030 P00110 A Study on the Verification of Exercise Physiological for New Poomsae Jae Suk Lee International Integrative Pilates Association
031 P00114 A Meta-Analysis on the Effects of Combined Exercise Program on    Body Composition and Blood Lipid of Obese Adolescents Nak Hyun Oh Sungshin Woman’s University
032 P00112 Effect of Social Media Charateristics of Social Marketing on the Brand Equity of Fitness Center jungmo kim KOREA NAZARENE UNIVERSITY
033 P00102 Effects of Integrated Yoga Exercise on Body Composition and Physical Strength of Women Seo Hee Kim Chosun University
034 P00111 A study on the development of personal level measurement and evaluation tool for pilates Jae Suk Lee International Integrative Pilates Association
035 P00134 Kinetical Analysis of Rehabilitation Training Program of ACL Patients YOUNG WAN JIN Dong-eui
036 P00116 Cognitive frailty, polypharmacy and physical performance in community-dwelling older adults. JAGYEONG YANG Dong A University
037 P00098 The Effects of Deep Neck Flexion Muscle Exercise and Regular Neck Stretching Exercise to Patients with Chronic Neck Pain Eun Sang Han Chosun University
038 P00071 Differences of isokinetic muscular functions and maximal pedaling power according to the position in rugby players Tae-Beom Seo Jeju national university
039 P00108 Opting for the LPGA, JLPGA, or KLPGA: Investigating Korean Professional Golfers’ Motivations and Attitudes Regarding Tour Options Hyejoo Yang Yonsei University
040 P00123 The association of blood pressure and grip strength on the risk of MCI and dementia in Korea elderly people HYEJIN PARK Dong-A university
041 P00115 The Effects of Exercise Habit of Students with Visual Impairment on Walking and Balance Ability Kye Rak Choi Sungshin Woman’s University
042 P00101 The Effect of Bihar Yoga Exercise on Body Composition and Physical Fitness in Middle-aged Females Gye Ju Cho Chosun University
043 P00137 Analysis of Positional Characteristics and Exercise Intensity of K-3 Football Players Using GPS yong woo NAM Kwangwoon University
044 P00138 Isolated infraorbital nerve injury after midface augmentation with alloplastic facial implants confirmed by blink reflex : A case report Myung Chul Yoo Kyung Hee university
045 P00140 The Effects of the 12-Week Exercise, and Stopping the Exercise in the Middle on the Basic Physical Fitness, Balance and Isokinetic Testing of Parkinson’s Patients Jae Hee Choi Sungshin woman university
046 P00143 Are Culture-based Virtual Reality (VR) Training Program Feasible and Tolerable for the Patients with Mild Cognitive Impairment? A Randomized Controlled Pilot study Jong-Hwan Park Pusan National University Hospital
047 P00007 The Effect of Aerobic Capacity on Health-Related Quality of Life In Adults with Cerebral Palsy Jungwan You Sungshin Women’s University
048 P00013 A Comparison of Anaerobic Power and Skating Ability According to Positions on Korea Men’s National Team Ice Hockey Players CHANG YOUNG LEE Halla University
049 P00018 Relationship among differences in the jump performances depending on sports taewoong oh Yong-In University
050 P00044 The Effect of Exercise Program on Blood Pressure in Hemodialysis Patients: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis You hyangsook Sungshin women’s University

Order of Poster Presentations: Part 2, 13:00pm ~ 15:30pm at TOPAZ Hall

Part 2 Paper No. Paper Title Author(s) Organization
051 P00030 The Effects of Intensity of Physical Activity on Mental Health Yoon-Dong Choi Shin-Ansan University
053 P00038 Recapitulation of PLXNA2 genetic association and experimental in vitro studies on bone density and osteoporosis in Korean females Sangwook Park Kyungwoon Univ.
054 P00046 A Predictive Model on the Intention to Accept Taekwondo Electronic Protection Devices Sung-Un Park Shingyeong University
055 P00047 The Effect of a 12-week Intradialytic Exercise on Patients’ Blood Indices, Physical Performance, and Quality of Life Ji Yeon Lee Sungshin women’s university
056 P00050 The Effect of Total-Body Resistance Exercise Reinforcement Exercise for the Development of Muscle Function and Removal of Fatigue Material Eun Sang Han Chosun University
057 P00087 Association of MTHFRC677T genotypes with variations in the total homocysteine levels during long-term exercise training in chronic stroke patients YUN-A SHIN Dankook University
058 P00141 Mapping the Knowledge Structure of Physical Activity Research in South Korea : Application of Keyword Network Analysis SoEun Lee Gachon University
059 P00075 Evaluation of the Safety Load for the Handling of Animal Feed Sacks to Prevent Occupational Diseases of Farmers Aged 60s in Korea Insoo Kim Rural Development Administration
060 P00086 Changes in muscle activity among college pitchers using progressive 5- to 12-oz weighted baseballs YUN-A SHIN Dankook University
061 P00052 Effects of Oxidative Stress and Antioxidant Function in Obese Middle-aged Women Participating in Group Exercise Jang Rok Oh Chosun University
062 P00128 Effects of low-intensity blood flow restriction training on muscle volume, strength and power in healthy middle-aged females Byeong Hwan Jeon Kyungsung University
063 P00133 Comparison on health-related behaviors of Korean adult women at normal BMI with different body image perceptions based on the 2013-2017 Korea National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (KNHNES) seyeon Park Chungnam National University
064 P00139 The Effects of Chair Yoga Exercise on Cognitive Function and Physical Performance in Elderly Women YOUNG CHYUL CHOI Sangji University
065 P00053 Effects of High-Intensity Short-Time Da Vinci Body-Board Exercise on α-amylase and Blood Stress Factors in Middle-aged Women Young Seo Chosun University
066 P00142 Methodological Quality Assessment of Meta-analyses of Health Promotion Based on Dance Exercise: Application of A Measurement Tool to Asses Systematic Reviews Guideline SoEun Lee Gachon University
067 P00034 Realtionship between body mass index and grip strength of elderly people Kyungae Kim KyungHee University
068 P00039 The Relationship between Health-related Quality of Life and Functional Fitness in Elderly Women by Body Mass Index choung hwa park Sung Shin University
069 P00105 Comparison of arterial stiffness in long distance runners with exercise-induced hypertension Young-Joo Kim Sungshin University
070 P00106 Comparison of the effects of three types of long-distance running on glucose and lipid parameters Young-Joo Kim Sungshin University
071 P00118 Comparison effects of super-ultramrathon running on cardiac structure and function in middle aged men Young-Joo Kim Sungshin University
072 P00119 Potential cardiovascular effect from recreational middle-aged chronic excessive endurance exercise Young-Joo Kim Sungshin University
073 P00120 Visceral adiposity index as a predictor of metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance among Korean adults Young-Joo Kim Sungshin University
074 P00010 Effects of schizandra chinesis supplementation on quadriceps muscle force and fatigue in health adult women: a randomized, double-blind placebo-controlled trial Jinkee Park Dong Ju College
075 P00012 The analysis of risk factors on drinking related health of People with Disabilities yi sub kwak Dong-Eui univ
076 P00015 Effects of Vitamin D absorption on β-Amyloid and BDNF inan exercise program for elderly with mild cognitive impairment Hee Jae Kim sungshin university
077 P00016 Changes in fatigue recovery and muscle damage enzymes after deep-sea water thalassotherapy Sang-sik Lee Catholic Kwandong University
078 P00017 Effects of cold water immersion on the below knee region on lipid peroxide and antioxidant enzymes in elite taekwondo athletes Eun-Hee Park SungShin Women’s University
079 P00040 Vastus intermedius and vastus medialis oblique thickness are critical to early torque development during knee extension Eunwook Chang Inha University
080 P00055 The Effect of Corrective Exercise Training on the Functional Movement System of Elite Field Hockey Players Ji-Young Jeon Shungshin University
081 P00064 Signal Searching of Motor Control Response in Single-Leg Static Balance Using Frequency Component Analysis Kyoung-Seok Yoo Hannam Univ. / College of Life Science and Nano Technology
082 P00065 Consideration of vision capabilities for teleoperation tasks based on a dual-arm master-slave manipulator system Seungnam Yu Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute
083 P00080 Quantitative evaluation of pre-impact fall detection model with lead time Tae Hyong Kim SungKyunKwan University
084 P00090 Regular exercise recovers aging-induced immunosenescence yi sub kwak Dong-Eui univ
085 P00019 Classification for Diagnosis of Children with Disabilities including Features from Natural Language Processing Mun-Taek Choi Sungkyunkwan University
086 P00025 Binary-Relevance Classification of Depression and Anxiety in the Elderly Using Low-Cost Activity Trackers Mun-Taek Choi Sungkyunkwan University
087 P00130 Effect of the points interval on the accuracy of surface registration. Hakje Yoo Sungkyunkwan University
088 P00059 Insole system-based neural network model to evaluate force risk in cube method: application to pepper farming tasks Joung Hwan Mun Sungkyunkwan University
089 P00074 Topological Design for Dome-shaped Hip Protective Pads Chang-Jun Kim HANYANG UNIVERSITY
090 P00043 The effect of citrus flavonoids on neurite outgrowth of DRG neurons and GAP-43 expression levels after sciatic nerve injury Tae-Beom Seo Jeju national university
091 P00078 Development of cryopreserved cell-laden scaffold using a cell printing system supplemented with low-temperature processing method JaeYoon Lee College of Biotechnology and Bioengineering/Sungkyunkwan University
092 P00079 Collagen-fibrillated scaffolds fabricated using a core (PCL)/shell (gelatin/PVA/ceramic) 3D-printing process for hard tissue regeneration Haeri Kim College of Biotechnology and Bioengineering/Sungkyunkwan University
093 P00127 The Effects of Mouthguards on the Performance of Elite Taekwondo Athletes Jeong-Woo Lee College & School of Dentistry, Kyung-Hee UNIV.
094 P00109 Image Enhancement for a knee arthroscopy Sejung Yang Yonsei University
095 P00136 Airway changes in patients with skeletal class III malocclusion after orthognathic surgery with partial glossectomy: a three-dimensional cone-beam computed tomography study CHONG-KWAN HEO College & School of Dentistry, Kyung-Hee UNIV.
096 P00125 Comparison of Kinematic Variable of Putter Head Using 4-Way Putting Platform in Elite Golfers JunSung Park Konkuk Univ.
097 P00126 Effects of Skill and Distance Factors on Center of Pressure Variables During Golf Putting JaeWoo Lee Konkuk Univ.

Instructions for Poster Presentation
Please prepare a standard A0 size poster (841 mm width × 1189 mm height, vertical format). On your poster, the title of your paper should be located at the top of the poster. Below the title, please include all authors including names, affiliations, and addresses. Please prepare all diagrams or charts neatly and legibly in a size sufficient to be read at a distance of 1.5–2.0 meters.